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Master Instructors

We are proud to have instructors with long experience from the branch who hold sessions of the very highest quality.

Espen Gjevestad

Has two decades of experience as an instructor. Ranked by many as being high on the list of the best instructors in Norway. Has participated as a lecturer on various cycle courses with SAFE Education, SATS and The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.


Stephen Rasmussen

One of the leading instructors in the Nordic countries. 11 years experience as an instructor and 5 years as manager at Fitness World in Denmark.

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Oslo, Norway

Erik Schøyen

Erik is one of the cycling instructors in Norway with the longest experience and has been teaching at SATS for two decades. He has competed in road cycling at a high level for many years and has participated in several shoots for Globeracer. In Eric’s classes everybody works up a sweat, so it’s a good idea to come prepared to his classes!

Ålesund, Norway

Trude Antonsen

Trude, who has instructed with Globeracer since 2017 at Aktiv Trening Blindheim, has a special talent for working in harmony with the films. Waiting lists for her classes are more the rule than the exception for Trude.
She has an excellent understanding for what engages and motivates the members, regardless of their experience or fitness level.

Bergen, Norway

Truls Berntsen

Truls is a great teacher with the ability to adjust his instruction to the level of the class. With his experience, Truls makes good exercise easy. He has exceeded 2000 classes on the bike and also practises as a personal trainer. He has instructed Globeracer since 2018.

Ålesund, Norway

Rune Dalsbø

Rune has an infectious mood,as well as being an engaged and inspiring instructor with extensiveprofessional knowledge. Being a certified cycle instructor and personal trainerfrom SAFE, he has many years’ experience as an instructor from differentchains, amongst others 11 years as a cycling instructor at SATS, as well asexperience as center manager at the second largest center in the same chain. Now instructing at Aktiv Trening Breivika.

Stavanger, Norway

Synnøve Sjøberg

Synnøve spreads joy and makes everyone feel comfortable in her classes at Trimeriet Sandnes. She is an instructor who also succeeds in motivating the youth into giving it all on the bike, again and again.

Bristol, United Kingdom

Steven Fox

Steven has substantial experience within training and indoor cycling. Running his own cycle studio in Bristol and his own institute for cycle education, he has instructed cycling since 2007. He is a consultant for 'The Indoor Cycling Instructors Handbook', and has several certifications, amongst others the British Cycling Level 2 Coach.

Ørsta, Norway

Pål Klevstad Engeset

Pål has a passion for classes with intervals, and he frequently usesGloberacer’s own Session designer. He strives for variation in his programs, tothe delight and inspiration of the members at Aktiv Trening Ørsta.