We just love
dedicated instructors

Developing Globeracer we always focused on the needs of the instructor.

Confident and inspired
instructors are the reason for success!

Motivated instructors ensures high "return on investment" when buying a Globeracer solution. We offer comprehensive training for instructors prior to start-up, and we advice on implementing Globeracer in your studio.

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Globeracer instructor!


  • The philosophy behind Globeracer – a balanced
    relationship between training, technology and entertainment.
  • The instructor’s role and creative freedom.
  • One system for the entire schedule

Data flow and functionality

  • Group viewing of personal training data
  • Individual connection to the system
  • Review of menus, functionality and infografics

Films and instructions

  • Construction of the films, dramaturgy, «spin plan» and use of music
  • Criteria for succeeding in instructing to film

Training with film

  • Sense of achievement and improvement of fitness
  • Improved stamina and motivation
  • Repetition of films versus training effect

Session designer - design your own session from home

  • Easier and faster learning of new programs
  • How to set up and distribute programs with Session designer

Tips and advice

  • How to succeed with Globeracer at your gym
  • How to engage and create loyalty when launching new films
  • How to implement Globeracer successfully on the schedule


  • Run-through of film with Globeracer master instructor
  • Evaluation of class and questions from participants

Conclusion and give aways

Cycling course

  • We also offer a 2-day cycling course at the center together with one of our Master Instructors.
  • Price: NOK 17 500,-
  • Requires Globeracer Studio Plus or Pro.
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The instructor is in full control

Even when you’re sweating as hard as the others in the room!
The instructor console contains high quality hardware and offers everything you need in one simple interface. Built for hard work.

Developed for instructors - by instructors.


Personalize your session

Go live step by step, for both power and HR based training.
Compose – Distribute – Perform

Create your favourite session with your favourite music and expand the numbers of high quality workouts on the schedule. Compose your own intensity graph and put together your own workout plan. This ensure full control during your session, and gives your the confidence that releases your full potential as an instructor!

Adapted for indoor cycling and running sessions.


Inspiring infographic

Guide your class with real time training data and step up the journey with location metrics.

Having information about the route and good graphical tools to guide your class, you as instructor, can give your full attention to the participants in the studio and thereby give the session your own personal touch.

Support heart rate, power and kcal.